• 2008/04/29(火) 22:29:55

“Wakuwaku Wrestling Class for Children and Families with Down Syndrome and Autism –Infinite Possibilities–“
~ Daily Development Body and Mind Wrestling ~
Currently, there are about 50,000 to 60,000 children with Down syndrome in Japan. That is about one out of every 700-800 children, which would not be surprising if there was someone that we know with this disorder. Also, everybody have unique conditions, and they must live with their disability for the rest of their lives. Many families are working hard everyday to live in a society where there are still misunderstandings in the society. They are all living strong while thinking about uncertain future. Certainly it is wonderful that parents grow strong with their children, but shouldn’t it be different? Shouldn’t everybody and the society cooperate so that those with disabilities can live easier lives? We hope to help achieve this through wrestling, where we can develop relationships with children with Down syndrome and their parents through physical contact and communication. Also, we hope to develop their hearts and minds so that they can challenge themselves throughout their lives. With these in mind, on July 2, 2005, we establish the “Wakuwaku Wrestling Class”.