About Wrestling

  • 2008/04/29(火) 22:10:52

Wrestling is NOT a dangerous sport. To furthermore increase the safety of our class, we take into consideration the different conditions of our students. We begin with a warm up, countinue into a stretch, and finally move into the meat of the training. We incorporate mat exercises, jump rope, balance training, and games in our practice. Through wrestling, participants are able to increase their overall fitness by strengthening their joints and muscles and even increasing their balance and endurance.
One should not assume that children with Down sydrome cannont wrestle. Denying them the experience limits their growth potential. In the United States, it is not uncommon for high school students with Down syndrome to participate in their local high school wrestling team. All children have something that they excel at, and we believe that it’s necessary to help them find their talent and build their confidence as a member of society.